fundingYou will develop a plan on how you want to meet short and long term aims.  Once it has been approved by your local authority, they will allocate you an indicative budget, which becomes a personal budget when all parties agree.

There are several ways to take this.  Either a social services contract or you  can choose to have a Direct Payment or a managed account to have more control over your care and support.  We have further information to help you understand funding issues.

Free assistance and independent advice is available to anyone.   We can also help signpost, even if it’s not something we provide ourselves.  We  can  also  help  you  navigate  through  the  benefits  maze,  and assist  with paperwork to claim benefits (where applicable).  You can call Devon County Council on 0845 551005 or Department of Work and Pensions 0845 606 0265 and visit for help too.

Lyndridge encourages people we support to be responsible for the management of their personal finances.  However, it is not our intention to handle or manage client monies other than providing assistance with their day to day petty cash expenditure.
Some people require some support needs when handling and managing their money. Some people we support may have a poor understanding of the value of money. They may, therefore, be open to financial abuse because they do not store money safely, or they may loan money unwisely. In these cases, Lyndridge may assist them to arrange, through the Court of Protection, a Deputy or a Receiver who will manage their finances on their behalf.
Other people may need assistance from staff in specific aspects of money management, but do not need their finances managed by an Appointee or a Receiver.  In these cases, staff will support the person through the use of an external, third-party agency/advocacy who will provide the level of service required to ensure that clients and their relatives have peace of mind regarding their financial affairs.